MxPx With Plans Within Plans

MxPx plan to release new album Plans Within Plans. It will come out on MRI/Rock City Recording Company within USA and Canada on April 3rd, 2012. The album will feature 13 tracks and will also be available in Japan on Bullion Records, Europe/UK on Flix Records and Australia/New Zealand (El Shaddai Records).

Vocalist and bassist, Mike Herrera says of the album title, “I had been recording this album in between tours and booking tours, studio sessions, and trying to live somewhat of a normal life. Life got in the way of that. Plans Within Plans was the only way I could describe all the mayhem that was going on behind the scenes of putting this collection of brand new songs together.”
The band recently released a music documentary, Both Ends Burning on December 1st, 2011. The DVD is a brutally honest depiction of the band, giving fans insight into their career, trying to find the balance between full time jobs, and the life of a touring musician.
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