Framing Hanley - The Sum Of Who We Are
Framing Hanley’s forthcoming new album is entitled ‘The Sum Of Who We Are’. The band’s third album is the follow up to their 2010 release ‘A Promise To Burn’ and their debut album ‘The Moment’ (2008). The band have released the cover artwork and a five song sampler on youtube:

“The cover is a photo of my son at the park taken by our drummer Chris’ wife Krystl” states frontman Nixon. “When my wife showed me the picture, it immediately resonated in so many ways. At the time, the other band members and I were all going back and forth for cover ideas for the record, but when I saw this, it was just too strong of an image to not be used. It was perfect! Looking at that picture I see so many things. I see innocence. I see determination… the ‘I’ll make my own path’ adage. Walking from the light, to the darkness; that to me is a pretty heavy statement in itself. I could go on all day with a million different things of what the picture says to me, but the best thing about this cover is I think it’s a picture people can look at and interpret their own meaning. No different than a song really. I love hearing a fan’s perspective of a song because it is always different. I expect this picture to be the same.”
'The Sum Of Who We Are' was funded entirely by the band’s loyal fanbase by donating money via a Kickstarter campaign. “First and foremost, our incredible fans are the reason it's even possible,” states Nixon. “They funded the entire thing on Kickstarter. That is still unbelievable to us. Every band says that they feel like they're getting better with the years. So while I feel that's a trite statement, I can't deny it. We've never written as much material for an album as we did for this one. We had to cut so many songs that we felt were strong. We also recorded songs for the album that we felt weren't ‘there’ yet only to go back to the drawing board and get it right. This record from start to finish will be all that we have in us. The ‘sum of who we are’ if you will.”
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